Day 347: Hanging with Sue at the American Club, Finding spare earphones at home, Nabbing the one spare table at Starbuck’s, Green Naked smoothies, The day my printer cable arrived and TriYoga!

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american club singapore

white apple earphones


Naked Antixoxidant Green Smoothie

Canon printer usb cable


Ok, so technically I wasn’t exactly with Sue at the American Club in Singapore… But I might as well have been! ;) Grateful! Thanks for the time, chica! Miss you! / Grateful I found this spare set of earphones lying on the floor of our living room. My last ones are busted! / You know that feeling when you spot the last spare table at a really busy restaurant or cafe… and your heart starts to race as you look around really quickly to see if anyone has noticed… and then absolutely running for it to claim what is now rightfully yours…? Yea. That. I love that! ;) / Naked’s super green antioxidant smoothies. I love! Iron in a bottle. Hurray! / Well whatdya know! My printer cable actually arrived! Wehey! / TriYoga… possibly couldn’t get any more different in terms of look, feel, space, mood from Indaba… But there is something characteristically charming about this place. Look at it! =) Just signed up for a 2 week tester to take a whole bunch of Ashtanga classes for a change. Haven’t done a pure Ashtanga class in years! Just something I feel will benefit and strengthen my practice even more. Need to get in touch with those deep down bandhas!! See how it goes =) The body knows what it wants. ;) x / PS – Happy 4th of July!!! Thank you Leela for taking the time to teach tonight anyway =)

Day 111: 11:11 11/11/11

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11:11 clock

11/11/11 date
Wow. I did not even realize what blog post number this would be. Would you look at that…I guess I have providence to thank for that! / Every time I start writing, weird things like this happen. And I know I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I was born to do. And so I carry on. / Grateful to witness how one auspicious date brings the world together. Some of my favourite links: To rememberTo shopFor luckFor love. / I am grateful today for the acknowledgement that it is not necessarily age that determines experience, but experience itself, regardless of age.Salvador F. Reyes (West Point - USMA Class of 1918)

My Great Grandfather, Salvador F. Reyes

West Point – USMA Class of 1918

Thanks, Uncle Mike, for sharing this picture.

Day 65: Petits Filous, launching our client’s new Facebook fanpage & not being shat on by pigeons at lunch…

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petits filous
Nando's Australia Facebook Fanpage
pigeons on roof
Je t’aime Petits Filous! / Glad we got another project off the racks. Well done, Dom, the Nando’s Australia fanpage looks great =) / Very much grateful I didn’t get shat on by the pigeons above us at lunch. You see, I have a tendency to get shat on by birds. When I was living in St Lucia I got shat on at least once a month, without fail. No joke! But today I was lucky and in the clear. So thanks!

Day 65. 300 more days of appreciation… and then some ;)

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