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The Black Face and Dimple Face

Grateful to have spent another day out climbing with this lot on Tung Lung Island. Grateful that I finished another climb – The Black Face (F5+) – on top rope (route no. 2 on the topos below, c/o HK Climbing), something that I couldn’t do this time last year! Most of all… grateful I got to watch this one send Dimple Face (Nipple Face? :P) – F7b+ – after the 3rd go that day, and after setting all my lines up for me! TINNIES FOR ALL! 😀

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Nailing Onion Booty

Grateful for this beautiful day climbing out at Tung Lung Island with friends – especially Tash who’s come all the way from the UK to NZ via HK! Even more grateful I finished a project I was working on which I shall aptly name “Onion Booty”. 1) Because the topos has no name for it. 2) You have to use your ass to bump along up that crack! 😛

10 Days: Cambodia, Singapore, Manila

    “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” And within your years, your months, your weeks and your days. So many people questioned how I could possibly travel and make the most of my time in Manila, Singapore and Cambodia in 10 days. How can you afford it? You’re going alone?! Who will you travel with? Won’t you get bored? Isn’t it dangerous? Won’t it be lonely. I don’t know… You tell me. Was it worth it? I think YES! 🙂 Route: HK-Manila-Singapore-Phnom Penh-Siem Reap-Phnom Penh-Singapore-Manila-HK. 4 cities. 3 countries. Less than HK$4k in total for flights. BOOM. And that’s how it’s done! Special thanks and gratitude to: Ninang Lara for helping me FOF it in Makati, Trissy for our long over due catch-up, Tita Pinky & Fam for letting me FOF at their pad in Singapore, Tita Tet for introducing me to her bump for the first time, Santiago for being my first companion on this solo trip and letting me crash your …