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The Black Face and Dimple Face

Grateful to have spent another day out climbing with this lot on Tung Lung Island. Grateful that I finished another climb – The Black Face (F5+) – on top rope (route no. 2 on the topos below, c/o HK Climbing), something that I couldn’t do this time last year! Most of all… grateful I got to watch this one send Dimple Face (Nipple Face? :P) – F7b+ – after the 3rd go that day, and after setting all my lines up for me! TINNIES FOR ALL! 😀

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Nailing Onion Booty

Grateful for this beautiful day climbing out at Tung Lung Island with friends – especially Tash who’s come all the way from the UK to NZ via HK! Even more grateful I finished a project I was working on which I shall aptly name “Onion Booty”. 1) Because the topos has no name for it. 2) You have to use your ass to bump along up that crack! 😛

10 Days: Cambodia, Singapore, Manila

    “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” And within your years, your months, your weeks and your days. So many people questioned how I could possibly travel and make the most of my time in Manila, Singapore and Cambodia in 10 days. How can you afford it? You’re going alone?! Who will you travel with? Won’t you get bored? Isn’t it dangerous? Won’t it be lonely. I don’t know… You tell me. Was it worth it? I think YES! 🙂 Route: HK-Manila-Singapore-Phnom Penh-Siem Reap-Phnom Penh-Singapore-Manila-HK. 4 cities. 3 countries. Less than HK$4k in total for flights. BOOM. And that’s how it’s done! Special thanks and gratitude to: Ninang Lara for helping me FOF it in Makati, Trissy for our long over due catch-up, Tita Pinky & Fam for letting me FOF at their pad in Singapore, Tita Tet for introducing me to her bump for the first time, Santiago for being my first companion on this solo trip and letting me crash your …

Day 364: Every time Granny waves goodbye from her window, Seeing Aunty Lorna & Callum’s new house, Catching up with Aunty Pauline and The Bungo…

Grateful today for Alan driving Joy and I to Granny’s house, and every time Granny waves good-bye from her window until your car drives out of sight. / Grateful to have finally seen Lorna and Callum’s new home =) Because it really is lovely! / The Bungo – perfect place for dinner, dessert aaaand one too many rounds of drinks. Thank you, Joy, for recommending and for rushing over after work =) Great seeing you again, as always! =) / Aunty Pauline, it’s 3.54 am and I’m tired, but I’m grateful for having another late night catch up and heart-to-heart with you in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for always being so supportive. Much love to you all, – k. x

Day 363: Beautiful Scottish weather, Melancholia, Being back at Pauline & Alan’s, Bryan, Kris, Mally and Gill!

Who would’ve thought Scotland would have better weather than England! But there you go… Grateful for the opportunity to walk around Edinburgh this afternoon, soak up a bit of sun and feel the buzz of a regular afternoon on George St. / Bryan, thank you so much for your time today. Definitely worth it! / Gill, lovely to meet you, and Mally and Kris… and everyone else =) I have every faith… / Melancholia – artistically, intelligently, I appreciate your brilliance and I commend you on your success. I wasn’t really expecting an apocalyptic film (that’s two now this week + 3 planetary coincidences, recent dreams included!) but for what it was, I can’t fault it. And judging by the reviews, neither can the critics! / Aunty Pauline, Alan – it’s good to be back =) x  

Day 362: St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, Survey Monkey, Instagram, The Ritz Hotel and my trip to Jupiter!

St Vincent Street, hello! Grateful to have arrived safely! / Edinburgh… you got a nice feel about you. Tomorrow, we can play. But today, I must focus. This empire ain’t gonna build itself! =p / Today I am grateful for Instagram. I’m grateful for Instagram because Instagram makes an already awesome day look that. much. cooler! =) / Oh hello quirky little Scottish hotel that couldn’t possibly get any more Scottish! Lol. The Ritz sure is one of a kind! =p I could get used to this… / Today I’m grateful for Survey Monkey. I mean, we spent enough time together this afternoon! =/ =p But, to be fair. It could have been worse. This is actually a great app… / Had the most amazing dream last night. Had only 3 hrs sleep but in that time I was up in the stars, staring at Jupiter… 🙂 Felt like home. This was the closest picture I could find…

Day 330: Dalai Lama Day 2, Camembert cheese and Our super long train ride home…

Sometimes the best answers are the most simple. And every now and again, it’s good to be reminded of that. Today I saw the Dalai Lama gave his second talk on “Real Change Happens in the Heart”. When asked if he could please pray for Britain and a better future for our youth, he said something along the lines of: “We pray. For many centuries, many Dalai Lamas pray. But prayer no use if you don’t act. If you don’t act, prayer is just words! It’s nothing!” And when asked how we can save the planet and make it a better and more sustainable place to live, good ol’ Dalai Lama summed it up in two very precise words: “Common. Sense.” – I’m grateful today because so many times over the last year, I’ve had the strangest luck and fortune of having what I am inclined to call ‘guardian angels’ or ‘gurus’ or teachers, mentors and light workers just walk in and out of my life. They come and go, imparting on me their knowledge, …

Day 329: Dalai Lama Day 1, Seeing Mel, The Fitzhughs and Manchester!

… yes… I am STILL playing with them today!!! PS – perhaps you can appreciate how MASSIVE Tye is by looking at these pictures. HE IS AS BIG AS ME!!! / Manchester, I love you! You remind me of San Francisco =) Must be the trams… / Never thought I would see this moment… ie the moment 1) Russel Brand and the Dalai Lama would be standing next to each other on stage and 2) the moment the Dalai Lama decides to have a play with Russel’s beard… 😉 It was a special moment. haha… Grateful 😉 / Mel, lovely to see you as always! Thanks for the drink! My love to you both and hope to see you when you’re next down in London! Hugs x / Today, I got to hang out with these kiddos. SO cute. – thanks for picking me up at the station =) / Mrs Fitzhugh, thank you so much for dinner. It was delicious! And thanks for having me over. Your house is amazing! =) x

Day 328: Last minute road trips, Mixed tapes, Meeting Jo’s doggies and Anne!

SO glad we got that report done on time before the weekend! Road trip time! / Thank you Jo for offering to give me a lift and inviting me to your momma’s house =) Here’s to another epic playlist that we can look back on one day! =) / These dogs… are one of the sweetest, most intuitive dogs I’ve ever met. Soooo happy! =) The simple things… Always the simple things… / Emmm… let’s just say I’m glad Anne calmed down and didn’t manage to slither out of her cage tonight! x

Day 293: Friday night chillin’ on my roof, Booking my flights back to NYC, Late night trips to Ikea with Kat and Getting us home, safe!

Grateful for the amazing weather this evening, and for being able to take my beanbag out onto the roof to capture and soak up this view =) / Grateful for all the traveling I have done this year, and all the miles I have accrued. Because today, I just got me a virtually free flight to New York City. This Christmas is gonna be a good one. I. cannot. wait. =D / Grateful for all our new lamps and mirrors and throws from Ikea. Our home, it just gets better and better =) / Tonight, I was reminded yet again to always, always, follow my gut. Let’s just say I am extremely grateful for the moment I pulled up in front of our house and finally announced ‘We are home!’. Lights, camera, action.