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Day 140: The Medina of Marrakech, Souks, Tajines, Witnessing my first exorcism ritual and Experiencing a whole new culture for the first time…

It is very very rare these days where I can go somewhere new and be completely surprised and intoxicated by a completely alien and foreign culture. So today I am grateful that visiting the old Medina of Marrakech injected and enthused me again with the thrill and sheer joy of traveling. By this I refer to the rush of butterflies to the stomach, the drop-jaw expression, the wide eyes and conflicting desires to rush towards the next best thing and linger just another moment longer in admiration. / I love the souks of the old city and the colours dripping of its ancient walls. / I am in love with Moroccan food, slow and tenderly cooked in these generously-sized tajines! / By far the most surreal and unforgettable experience of the day was witnessing this man and who I can only assume to be his 100-year-old father, play the sintir (Moroccan lute) in their humble sitting room and perform an exorcism ritual before our eyes. Amazing.