Year: 2015

The Black Face and Dimple Face

Grateful to have spent another day out climbing with this lot on Tung Lung Island. Grateful that I finished another climb – The Black Face (F5+) – on top rope (route no. 2 on the topos below, c/o HK Climbing), something that I couldn’t do this time last year! Most of all… grateful I got to watch this one send Dimple Face (Nipple Face? :P) – F7b+ – after the 3rd go that day, and after setting all my lines up for me! TINNIES FOR ALL! 😀

climbing, tung lung, hong kong

Nailing Onion Booty

Grateful for this beautiful day climbing out at Tung Lung Island with friends – especially Tash who’s come all the way from the UK to NZ via HK! Even more grateful I finished a project I was working on which I shall aptly name “Onion Booty”. 1) Because the topos has no name for it. 2) You have to use your ass to bump along up that crack! 😛