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Humans First, Titles Second

I believe:

All conflict in this world happens because people stop treating each other like humans first, and titles second.

This statement applies not just on a global scale with regards to political and military affairs but even on a day to day level when mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, friends, lovers, colleagues and strangers fight.

One of my favourite words is the sanskrit or yogic “namaste”. Namaste means “the light (or the divine) in me, bows to the light (or the divine) in you”. I love this word because it so succinctly encapsulates how I feel about myself, about you, and about us all. We are the same thing, really. And by saying namaste I am letting you know that I recognise that, that I recognise you, and I recognise the “us” in all of “them”.

After that, fine, you can start placing your titles and labels on people. That seems to be the way society and civilisation can operate. But don’t be naive to think that the name you place on people and things does not have an immediate, predetermining effect on how that person or thing starts to behave because of its understanding of itself, and how it is treated in relation to you and everyone else.

“I am your mother therefore this…”
“I am your daughter therefore that…”
“I am your lover how come this…”
“I am your best friend then how come that…”

We treat people differently based on their relationship to us. And their relationship to us is determined by the name or the title we give them. But what if there were no titles? What if all there was is me and you, and me and you are the same…?

Imagine that.

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