Day 155: Christmas morning, booking my flights to Peru, my new OMM 35L rucksack and the fattest turkey I ever did see!

christmas tree

wrapping paper

omm 25l rucksack

christmas turkey

christmas turkey

Grateful for Christmas morning and waking up to a tree stuffed full of presents =) / Thanks, Mom and Dad, for my new OMM 25L rucksack. Just what I need! =) / Glad I finally bit the bullet and booked my flights to Peru. AND am even more chuffed I get to spend a few hours in Miami beforehand =D / Mom – thank you very much for dinner. It ain’t Christmas without turkey. And it ain’t proper turkey unless it’s momma’s turkey! This has got to be the biggest, fastest bird I have ever seen. It was SCARY. And we were clearly defeated! NOM!

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