Day 1: Seeing my grandfather for the last time…

Lolo with Katrina, Krissa & Syra in Lake Taho, 1992
Lolo with Katrina, Krissa & Syra in Lake Taho, Christmas 1992

From St Lucia to London, London to Sydney, Sydney to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Manila… it has been a crazy few weeks of travelling and business over the last 2 weeks – most especially in the last 48 hours. My invitation to visit a new Client in Sydney couldn’t have come more opportune. It meant that 1) my career has taken yet another leap and new challenges await 2) I get to spend time with the family in Hong Kong at a time when both they and I probably need it the most and most importantly: 3) I got to spend 24 hours in Manila to say good-bye to my grandfather.

For all that’s happened in the last few months and most especially the last few weeks, today I am grateful that I got to say hello, thank you and goodbye to the man who spent his entire life making sure that his family – my mother, and all 7 aunts and uncles combined – had the opportunity to live a life better than he did. And in so doing, sowed the seeds that ensured all their children – myself and all 19 cousins combined – naturally inherited a lifestyle and quality of living that was far more comfortable, abundant and promising from the start.

We are, each one of us, the living fruit of our history. And with each generation, we are given the opportunity to learn from the previous’ mistakes and try to make our own lives better. With each generation, we climb that one step higher until, hopefully, our dreams become easier and easier to achieve.

So thank you, Lolo, for the kickstart in life.

All I am, is because of my mother. And all that my mother is, is because of you.

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